Preparing a new beginning…

September to me is like January, a new year that begins. As the summer draws to an end, I look back at this year’s goals and achievements. I also take a look at the obstacles, difficulties and what went wrong.

So the last weeks of August, while people are sun-bathing (it doesn’t mean I don’t), I take time to reflect on my first 8 months of 2013. It looks like every year I have new challenges and every year I have new problems. But that is life, isn’t it?

I enjoy this process as it always helps me keep on track and update my personal and professional goals. I do have a lifetime, 5 year and short-terms goals list I did in a leadership program some years back. But I can see that some of my goals change as I get more experience and adapt to the 21 century latest technologies. Just on this note, I used to have ‘create a magazine’ as an objective but today creating a printed magazine is almost a suicide as people read less on paper and more on their smartphones. So this goal had to be eliminated or adapted to something people can consume.

Another beautiful thing I find about september is that I have 4 more months to readjust and revaluate my goals that I want to achieve by the end of the year. It’s amazing how much we can do in such a short time. It is said that it takes 21 days to break an old habit or get a new one. Four months is plenty of time to be a new self, start a project, etc.

While it’s not enough to just reflect, I always come up with an actionable plan for each goal. I always give them deadlines. Deadlines help me put those goals on my calendar and tasks list and they become part of my life not just part of my dream list. For example, I have a goal of speaking fluent Italian. For that, I need to sign up for classes (I have tried online lessons but I think I need the real thing). The deadline to sign up would be sometime in September. Therefore, I would need to call the Italian consulate, get the information I need, sign up, pay etc. I cannot wait until October to want to join a class. It would be too late and hard to catch up on the missed classes…

In brief, keeping track of goals can only help achieving more. At the end of the day, there is no one to judge me but my consciousness. I love giving the best I have and being the best I am.

<strong>Suggested tips for you :</strong>
1. Pull out your 2013 goals or create a new goals list for 2013
2. Review each goal and make an actionable plan for each objective
3. Don’t forget to add dates and deadlines to each goal
4. Don’t be too hard on yourself
5. Give the best you have and be the best you can!!

And you, do you have any tips to share?






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