Something you HAVE to TRY : Flourless and Sugarless Pancakes

Today ‘s discovery is an amazing recipe I read on the internet and didn’t believe it until I have tried it : Flourless and sugarless pancakes.

Needless to explain what benefits there are for a recipe such as this one… If you are into healthy lifestyle, this is for you…

I am not sure I can call it a ‘recipe’ as it’s a 2-ingredient recipe and really it couldn’t be any simpler.

Ready? You’ll need, to make these amazing and tasty pancakes, 1 banana and 2 eggs!!!!

You start by peeling off a ripe banana and then mush it with a fork. You then add to it the 2 eggs. Mix everything and get the pan ready with some oil. Pour some of the mix on the pan. Flip it when ready. And voilà!! Your pancakes are ready.

Verdict : It was so good that no pancake was left.

Why I love this recipe more : 1) It didn’t have any sugar or flour 2) It takes 2 min to do and 3) no mess in the kitchen or loads of dishes required!!!

Oh one thing, I actually sprinkled some cinnamom on top on the pancake but that’s optional.

I suggest if you are more than one to use 2 or 3 bananas. As an experiment yesterday, I only used one but the more the merrier.

Enjoy and let me know what you think of it…

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