Are you ready to make your life as inconvenient as possible?

This week’s challenge was actually something very challenging.

I have recently read that to achieve what you want in life, you have to ‘create inconveniences’. When I first read this, I thought that was a crazy idea…

In fact, creating an inconvenience is actually taking yourself out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself to reach new goals and levels. It builds your character.

It may seem like self-flagellation but the idea is that the more you do of something you dislike the easier it gets and the better you become as a person.

The first ‘inconvenience’ I have tried and done this week was taking a cold shower. While at first, I just couldn’t even run the water on my feet now I have a little more courage and less anxiety when jumping in the shower. I can already notice, having done it 3 times now, that it is getting easier and more fun. I am focusing less and less on the cold water and putting more attention to enjoying the shower. The bonus is that I feel really good after taking a cold shower.

Other inconveniences I am starting to create in my life is taking the stairs, ditching the car and using my legs… Of course, the inconvenience does not have to be physical. It can also be controlling the time you spend watching TV. It can also be limiting your interactions on Facebook and the number of times you check your email.

I find this exercise interesting and very challenging. I am sure it can only be beneficial.

Are you up for it?






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