Holidays are usually the opportunity for me to do a little self-assessment on the projects I am conducting and their progress. As we are in the Eid Adha season, things are now quiet. Shops are already closed. People have left the cities to join their families. Nothing is happening in the business world…

As I am thinking about the projects I am working, I am wondering why some have been unsuccessful. The word unsuccessful here is used in the way that people have not given me a response or haven’t manifested any interest as of now. To me, I have been using all possible ways to convey the information and persuade them of the relevance and worth of the given project. They may also have asked for meetings or more information, But as of now no sign of hope…

I wonder if when we people don’t respond or don’t give a definite answer I should consider this a failure. Should I hear the unspoken and read the unsaid? Strangely, I am one who doesn’t give up until the person expressly say it. But this does not work all the time.

Doing business is like an art. It is indeed a complex process that depend on several things not just on the financial gains… The feeling of being unsuccessful can negatively impact the work process and the results. This is why it is important to know that we cannot succeed at every thing and that failure is a step forward to success. In fact, Edison has failed 9999 times before creating the light bulb. Edison isn’t the only example. Most successful business people and great people have failed before finally enjoying the success they were looking for.

In the process of failing, it is good to remember that there is always a lesson there to be learnt…

And you, how do you feel about success and failures? Are you indulgent with yourself when you fail?

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chib mohammed · 14th October 2013 at 3:19 pm

All people can succeed if they know the universe's rules. Yes, there are rules in this universe that people have to respect in order to succeed in their lives. For instance, if we want to pass a driving licence test, there are some rules we should respect in order to pass this test. These rules are simple, but the question is: how many people have the willingness to accept the universe's rules? How many people know their purpose in this life? How many people know their passion? How many people sleep early and wake up early (2am or 3am)? How many people eat healthy? How many people practice sport?
These are fundamental questions to begin with.
Concerning failing, Edison has found 9999 that will not work.
Succeed in life depends on the quality of our thoughts.

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