Have you made the right resolutions this year?

2014 is here !! Every new year resonates with new resolutions and objectives. People always ask : ‘so what are your resolutions this year?’ Resolutions are a great way to push oneself toward the set goals .
I personally have been very good at setting lists of resolutions every year. And throughout the year I would go back to them and re-evaluate, check the developments and try to motivate myself to stick to them. I have done this for years. I have indeed achieved some of the goals and failed at some others.
In the real world, we see people going from one side to the other, working long hours, looking for bigger paychecks and bonuses, aiming for the latest car model, the latest smartphone, getting into debts for buying a big house and even for a family vacation…. The question that comes to my mind when I see all this is do their goals and achievements make them really happy? Is getting a loan for buying a bigger or more luxurious car contributes to inner happiness?
Of course, every one of us is different. Our perception of life is and should be different. If going after a better paying job and more responsibility is what brings us real happiness and serenity, then okay.
I think we should be careful when we set life resolutions and goals. When we make a list, do we set goals for our real selves or do we fix objectives that will give us reassurance and validation from the society?
For this year, it’s taking me longer to come up with my list. In fact, as I see, as I get older the less long my resolutions list is and the more meaning I try to add to them.

What’s your resolution this year ?






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