Do you need a web detox?

A friend of mine told me recently that most people who go to the library he works at spend most of their time in the computer area chatting on Facebook. While this isn’t new information, it made me think about how our habits and lifestyle are changing…
Any young and active person can hardly spend a day without checking his/ her Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts (to say the least). Have you ever calculated the amount of time you spend on each of these websites? Additionally you may have favorite apps you like to get on daily.
Last week, I was at a conference and one of the speakers was proudly telling me that he receives between 200 and 300 emails a day. He added that just on the short lapse of time we talked he received 2 missed calls already. Honestly, I thought there was nothing to be really proud of… I did mention to him that while I was having a conversation with him, my phone was in my bag and I was not taking any calls right at that moment as it would be a lack of respect and at the same I prefer to be fully in the moment rather than trying to deal with new issues… I also thought to myself that I did good implementing my New Year resolutions (unsubscribing from all the lists that didn’t interest me anymore).
This is to say that when our day is filled with checking websites, chatting with friends online, playing games on apps etc., we are not creating; we are not adding value but merely consuming.  
I think 70% of the time should be dedicated to creating/ producing. The 30% can be utilized for inspiration, information consumption and chatting (not networking).
Tim Ferris was right when he said we should check our emails only once a week at the same specific time. Of course for young professionals and entrepreneurs, this seems like forever but why not try to implement it on a more or less doable manner. 
By freeing ourselves from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram mania, we can spend more time thinking, creating and adding value to other people’s lives.
What about you? What’s the one thing you do daily that takes you up a lot of time and you know you shouldn’t be spending so much time on it?






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