I failed and I am proud!

It’s that time of the year again where one should stop, think and assess the efforts and outcomes. June is the perfect time as it represents the end of 6 months of work, endurance, achievement, trial and error and half-year results.

I am that kind of person who loves to have lists and cross over objectives as they are being achieved. I used to do that very well during my college years. But as I am growing older, I feel I am having harder time making my objectives and goals happen. Whereas in the past, it only took a one-time go, now it seems much more challenging that just that.

Yes, life gets complicated, new problems emerge; new situations impose themselves and problem solving becomes something more than just a school class.

For someone who has had a flawless path in childhood and early adult years, living my first real-life ‘problems’ is a serious challenge. Things are even more challenging when one lives in a place/ country where there is no respect for laws and regulations.

With that said, failing and trying again and failing one more time is what Americans call ‘learning the hard way’. Learning the hard way is a nice expression but behind it you’d expect that at the end, one succeeds at achieving what s/he endeavors.

Knowing what failures can taste like, I have realized that goals can and should be revised. There is no point of holding on to a childhood dream that would be impossible to make happen. There is no point of holding on the idea of becoming an astronaut when you can hardly solve a basic algebra problem. I am not saying that we should let go of our deepest desires. I am saying we should re-evaluate and assess the feasibility of a goal, which, through time, can poison your life if not achieved.

I have learned to do that. I know today that I certainly can and will never be a ‘little mermaid’. It can be hard for a little girl to realize that but there it is.

Also, as time goes by, and looking at people around me and myself, I see how absorbed we are by our lives and the ‘me’.  It’s sad that our objectives are all about ‘getting a new car’, ‘buying an expensive watch’ etc. 
We know as a fact that objects only bring us temporary satisfaction. I swear I can die happy even if I don’t own the latest iPhone.

This brings me to re-evaluate my so-called dreams and goals. As it looks like life is more than just about the things to own, I’ll keep on digging to find why life is worth living.
Please let me know if the comments below what you feel about failing and how you deal with tough situations.






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