I am thinking you’re not thinking…!!

I was recently hosting a meeting at my office. It was one of those meetings where everyone participates, gives ideas, shares thoughts etc. The room was buzzing and each of us was excited to offer his/her insight on the subject matter.

At some point, I am hearing my colleagues agreeing on an idea that has just been offered. Everyone seemed happy with the decision when I hear: ‘Safaa, what do you think?’ ‘Why you’re quite?’. I said: ‘I am thinking’. They smiled and continued discussing and then came back to me quickly asking again if the decision was okay with me. At that moment, I still haven’t formulated a complete idea before for me to give an answer.

This is to say that yes it’s good to be a quick thinker but sometimes it’s okay to need more time to fathom a new idea, digest it and then accept it. Saying ‘yes’ from the beginning without comprehending the idea and the consequences of its application didn’t seem to be the right thing to do. Yes it may look good to be actively participating at a meeting but when I need a break to think, I am not going to deprive myself.

More and more people, it seems like, are focused on actions rather than on the thinking which makes me think of what Henry
Ford once said: “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.”

I am not here to give lessons but I believe that if something is not understood, don’t rush to give an answer to impress people or to do just like others. Give yourself the time to think or ask for more information that can help you decide.

In this type of fast-food life, let’s take the time to think and the energy would be use up wisely.

PS : Thinking is good. Over-thinking is BAD for you. 😉

QUESTION : Are you a fast or slow thinking? How do you come to a decision?






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