A very important and serious decision I make for this year

Funny how as we get older,we get more serious and certainly less fun.

I was talking to a childhood friend of mine yesterday who currently lives in England and told me she misses her teenage years. ‘We didn’t have much and we didn’t need much’, she said. As I was conversing with her, I realized that it’s true that our ‘old days’ seem to be more fun than our daily lives. We are so into working, doing, shopping, driving, etc that we forget what playing is and how being cool feels. This links to my last blog post of how I spent 2014.

Being an adult doesn’t have to be serious all the time. Being fun and funny spices up life and makes it more interesting. I love watching how spontaneous children are. I don’t need to look very far. My very own child is so full of life and plays for most of his time. It certainly helps develop his brain but it also sets up his mood. He’s for most of the time happy and smiling.

This year, I decide to be more easy-going and have fun like a 4 year-old. Why make life complicated when it can be simple and enjoyable.

Happy New Year everyone!






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