How to embrace the fear of failure

I meet so many people, from different backgrounds and ages, who often have great business ideas and sometimes big dreams but who would never take the plunge. Why? Because of that fear of failure holding them back. It’s interesting to see how the word ‘failure’ have such an impact on us and actually can limit us to explore our potential and help us grow. Yes, no one wants to fail. In fact, most of us want to succeed with a minimum of pain. But the reality is much different than that.

In this interview, Kenza Bennis, founder of Kenzy Beauty, an argan-based cosmetics line, talks about how she manages the fear of failure on a daily basis. She explains what she does to keep herself focused and goal-oriented while meeting challenges and obstacles.

This was a great interview packed with tips. Please watch, share and comment. Let us know what is holding you back to do what you want to do? And what is your biggest fear.

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