How to position yourself as an expert

1.       Know what you are good at. You cannot be an expert in Marketing, Accounting and Sales. Pick a field that interest you and where you feel have value to bring on. You cannot be good at everything!! If you are good at a number of things, think about what makes you different from the others and what’s your competitive edge.
2.       Articulate your USP. Once you know what you are good at. Write it. Make sure the words you are using are empowering and help you be seeing as an expert. This is particularly important for your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) where you should put ahead your expertise.
Check out an example of a great USP in the video here.
3.       Design a professional image. Have professional looking social media accounts, resume/CV, business cards, email address… here you should invest in your image and clearly articulate your field of expertise. There are a number of websites that offer graphic design for very cheap.
4.       Communicate your expertise. Let the world know about what you do. You can position yourself as an expert by writing articles in your field whether that is for press or for the web. You can also do videos on topics you know about and offer to do talks at universities. This is an important step that will help you enhance your credibility and set you apart from others. You also need to be easily found on Google.
5.       Create value. Whether content or a service, people need to see that your work helps them in a way or another. Offering the same services as your competition may put you in a difficult situation. Always think about how you can better help your clients.
6.       Stay ahead of the game/ Be aware of the current trends. In other words, dedicate some time on a weekly basis to education and training. You should thrive for getting better and for that you should know what is going on in your field, the new trends, the changes etc.
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