How to run a business from anywhere in the world

There are so many advantages to running a business remotely. You can work off your couch or on an island sipping mojitos and still run a successful business. If you’re wondering how to do that, watch my videoand read on.

  1. Get the right equipment and tools: To get started and work from anywhere, you need to have the basics: a good laptop, a very good internet connection and some helpful apps. You’ll also need a phone for urgent communication.
  2. Think of a business that can be run from anywhere or redesign your business: If you want to start an online business, that’s a no brainer. It doesn’t need your physical presence anywhere specific for it to run.
  3. Hire freelancers:  Outsourcing is a huge thing. Tim Ferriss talked about it more than 10 years ago in his book ‘The Four-hour workweek’ and it’s still relevant today. You can hire people you’ve never met in your life and who’d still deliver quality work. By hiring freelancers, you could have them on board on a Friday night for a project to deliver on Sunday and they wouldn’t complain. It offers so many advantages on top of the fact that they can work while you sleep thanks to time zone differences.
  4. Batch, batch and batch: This is to me one of the skills I had to learn as an entrepreneur. Doing a task every single day when it can be batched can be such a time-waster. For example, why banking every time you have an operation to make when you can schedule a specific day for it to deal with all bank-related matters?
  5. Get disciplined: Being your own boss and not having reports to make to anyone can be tempting to slack off and stay in pjs all day watching Netflix. When you choose to work from anywhere you still have to have a schedule and plan your days ahead. Productivity will be your goal as any time wasted equals money not earned.
  6. Network: Whether online or offline, you still have to make new relationships or maintain existing ones for partnerships, collaborations etc. Working from anywhere means you have to make an extra effort to socialize and meet new people.
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