What I learned in 2016

As I am getting ready to move from 2016 to 2017, set myself new challenges and celebrate, I like to stop for a second and acknowledge the importance of these 364 days of this year. And this is what I believe were the key lessons:

1. It’s good to let go of things that are harmful to you. In 2015 I made some important decisions about my business and wasn’t sure where it was going to take me next. I am glad I made those decisions because today I believe that they were the right ones and they helped me so much grow and achieve the things I wanted to achieve. Ironically, some friends believe they were bad decisions and regularly ask me if I regret my decisions and if I am planning to go back the old way. Whatever I say to them to explain my choice, it doesn’t seem to convince them, which leads me to my next point.

2. Only my opinion counts. I like taking educated decisions and rarely go for something before thoroughly thinking about it. With time, I have come to understand that the most important opinion is mine. I like consulting people and considering different options/solutions, but I never take a decision to please others especially when it’s something that it’s important to me and will have an impact on my life.

3. Patience pays. During my first year of business, I had a real hard time finding prospects and making my business up and running. This year I understood that patience is key to finding new business or getting whatever you want in life. I actually made a video about this. Not getting what you want NOW requires focus and patience. This actually applies to business and life in general.

4. Passion is key to happiness. I find that the things I do good at are things I am mostly passionate about. Passion and love help one get through life challenges and difficulties. You can only excel at what you enjoy the most and find interesting.

5. Expectations kill. I used to think that every one owes me something. Now that I don’t expect others to make me happy or at least to contribute to it, I feel at ease with myself. When you expect things that you don’t receive this only nurtures hatred and bitterness. If you want something, work for it and have it. Only you know what you want and know how to make yourself happy.

6. Money is NOT everything. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have money. But it’s certainly not enough. Say you have lots of money in your business account but no strategy or business investment to do, then your business is doomed to fail. If you have loads of money in your personal account and no life plans or people to share it with, then it’s as if you have nothing. I have lived both experiences. Money is truly a mean and not an end in itself.

7. Not all people are good for you. In 2015, I found myself miserable. The people around me were sucking my energy and creating more unpleasant problems for me to deal with. I decided to end that. Today, I am surrounded by less people but I believe, people who are lifting me up and helping me grow. Whether employees, partners or family and friends, it’s important to surround yourself with people who want you succeed and grow. Of course, I had to go through those experiences to learn this lesson. But now I know better.

8. Can’t succeed without others. In other words, you can’t be a success on your own. You need to have a team of people around to help you grow, find new opportunities, live great relationships etc. You may not need lots of people around but you still need some that contribute to your success. One thing is sure is that I realized no one is ever a self-made man/woman.

9. There’s NEVER only one way. People tend to think there’s only one good way of raising children or doing business or whatever. This is so untrue. I sometimes found myself creating new ways of solving problems or doing things. Doing things my way is the true magic of thinking outside of the box. Ironically, I just bought yesterday a book called The 3rd alternative by Convey. I haven’t read it but it’s definitely what I am going for.

10. Helping others feels good. I have to be honest. I hate when beggars ask me for money. I get annoyed. However I have come to realize I love helping when I feel I bring value (time, material goods etc) and connect with the person in need. Sharing and helping are not only good for others but also good for you. I’ll definitely work more on generosity in the coming years.

11. Material things aren’t fulfilling. This year more than ever, I realized that I am what some people call a minimalist. I decluttered my house at least 3 times/year and gave things I barely or never use. I feel better in a house with less items and objects laying around. In fact, my office needs a huge declutter. Things are overflowing my desk. This is a must thing to do in January ’17.

It’s Dec 31st as I am completing this blog. I am grateful for this great year. Great things happened professionally and personally. I am lucky to have the support of my family and good friends for the moments we spend together. I am also glad I have clients, suppliers and coworkers whom I am happy to work with. They definitely contribute to my well-being and professional development.

Wishing the best for the coming year.

Happy New Year 2017!!

Please comment down below and let me know what is the most important thing you learned in 2016. 






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