Í don’t have time

It’s Monday morning. Everyone seems to be rushing in all directions. Traffic jam is bad. Pedestrians are walking fast. People are chasing cabs and buses. Where’s everyone going? Work, school, yoga classes… Everyone has got some place to go to.

It’s Friday night. Everyone is leaving work with a smile on their faces. Finally, we will find the time to do some groceries, laundry, visit family, go to the hammam, shop and maybe work on that dear project.
It’s Sunday night, a feeling of frustration and stress overwhelms our bodies. What’s happening? Thinking about how the week and the weekend flew by without giving us the chance to do what we wanted to do. Then our brains try to defend us by making up a catch phrase that we’ll use every time we feel hopeless. ‘I don’t have time’. We then use it when we feel lazy to go to the gym. We use it when we feel bad about how far ago we visited family. We also say it when we order food rather than make a home-made dinner. In sum, we use it all day long.
With that said, one wonders what do we have time for then? What are we chasing? What do we really want?

While being active is very good for the body and soul, being occupied means something else. We can definitely fill our schedules with activities that are completely pointless. My point here is being busy does not mean being productive.
If I get bored I can occupy my mind by browsing Facebook and responding to random statuses. Am I being busy? Yes. Am I being productive? Definitely, no. 
When we want to surpass ourselves and push our limits, we have to be more aware of the best resource we have which is time. We have to learn to manage time, invest in it and get the ROI,
When we do that, excuses become fewer and meaningful actions increase.  But don’t get me wrong.
Resting is a necessity but the question is how much rest do you need to achieve your goals and dreams.
So next time, you go chill at the coffee shop, hit the couch or spend hours watching Netflix, tell yourself, this is time that you have and this is what you choose to do with it. And stop lying to yourself that you don’t have time!






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