I’d love your feedback!!

Dear You

In November 2015, I decided to start publishing videos for YouTube in the areas of business, entrepreneurship and career. It wasn’t for the fame or the money but I had an urge to share whatever small I had learnt through books and mostly life experiences.

I had stopped teaching at university for a few years and felt the need to continue sharing through videos and my blog.

Today after a year of short video making and around +20 videos in English, Arabic and French, I am coming to you to ask you for your opinion.

I’d be grateful if you could take 5-10min of your time and let me know what you think of the content and format.

If you happen to like the videos, I’d love if you could subscribe to my channel and share the videos.

Your feedback is very meaningful to me and I appreciate in advance your time and interest.

Look forward to reading you.

Thanks and have a wonderful end of year.








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