You need to do this every day…

Last November, a friend of mine came to visit and brought me a cute mug and a notebook. The mug I knew exactly what it was for. However, the notebook was subject to brainstorming. Most of my notes are taken on a computer or on my smartphone. What would I do with a few hundred pages and a pink-colored hard cover? The answer didn’t come easy.

This year, I decided I am creating my own planner. I pulled out colored pens and jotted down the outline of my calendar and there you go. A few bucks saved but mostly, a very unique and personalized way of organizing my to-do list, thoughts, projects, ideas etc.

On the first days of writing down my to-do list for the week, I wrote things I was grateful for on that day. At first, this exercise seemed difficult. Nothing major was happening and I didn’t consider that day to be exceptionally good. After a few days, the exercise started to get smoother. I realized that being grateful for the day is firstly being aware of each moment and especially the present. My health, my family’s good health, my food and house were the first things that started to get to my mind. It started to get very basic but these are things we so take for granted. I come from a culture where gratitude is a widely practiced and part of the religion. ‘Hamdoullah’ is a commonly-pronounced word. But I came to find that words don’t have much meaning if they are not accompanied by a meaningful and conscious thought.

Putting myself through this exercise daily helps me appreciate the present moment, be aware of the great things that happened and sometimes those that didn’t happen. This also helps me start the next day with more excitement and enthusiasm. Sometimes I go back to my notes taken in past weeks and read my gratitude points for those days and I feel more positive and inspired for the future. This exercise is to be done every day before going to bed or when checking for the last time your daily to-do list. Miracles may happen!!

I urge you to try this exercise for at least a week and see for yourself. Don’t forget to let me know what you thought of it! Good luck in your endeavors and stay in touch. 






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