Make Every Day Count

As June and the month of Ramadan are soon coming to an end, I am starting to feel that we are also approaching the end of 2017. Six months have already gone by and so much in my to-do list seem still unchecked.

Strangely I am not stressed about it and am in fact more relaxed. Maybe life experience and age help us be more confident about ourselves and definitely calmer. Or maybe big ambitions and goals are beginning to fade away.

I hear people all the time complain about how little time they have to play with their kids, visit family or cook dinner. They, surprisingly, find the time to browse Instagram and message all day on Whatsapp. I ask myself why are people lying to themselves. Why do they keep telling themselves they have no time when in fact they do?

There is a famous saying that says ‘You have as many hours as Beyonce (or Obama etc)’. True Beyonce and company have teams and people they can delegate to. But you don’t have to be a celebrity to live a better life and a more meaningful one. In fact, neither you or I need much to be happy and in line with ourselves. Society puts so much pressure on us to purchase, get into debt and live a rat race for the joy of banks and investors. We don’t need much to be happy.

Studies have been conducted and show that happiness comes from our contribution to bettering the lives of others. And yes, it can be a business (businesses help others when they have a clear purpose and a spirit). Studies also show that people tend to remember experiences rather than objects. So the tons of toys you’re buying your kid won’t replace the time you’re not spending playing with him/her.

All of these thoughts lead me to think that we should learn to prioritize and reduce our to-do lists to more meaningful actions. Cooking is not a waste of time. It’s about preserving your health and nourishing your body. Charity work is not money-making lost hours. It’s about helping others help themselves. Visiting family is not a punishment. You might never know when is the last time you’ll see them.

Make every day count! The exercise I have put in my place ever since the beginning of the year which consists of writing down at least 3 great things that happened to me on the day every day has helped me put every thing into perspective and be grateful for every small thing.
Life is not eternal. Make every day count and live it purposefully !






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