Who Your Real Friends Are

The past weeks/months have been extremely busy for me. I barely had any time to do anything else other than the big project I was working on. During all this time, I was feeling guilty not posting videos or new blog posts. So today was finally the day. I filmed a video on the go (as you’ll see). No preparation, no make-up, no set-up. I filmed in a park while my kid was playing (that’s why you’d see me looking up throughout the video/ mom life).

The video is short but carries a message I wanted to share with you. Here I am talking about my personal experience with people and who, I feel, my real friends are. As an adult, it can be difficult to find people you can really connect with and be yourself. However, there are some people, who I sometimes meet or get to see again, who give me that feeling of being connected to them and make me feel good about being myself and their friend.

Find out who these people are and share your experience/thoughts with me.  Also, let me know down below if you like this sort of videos (spontaneous and short). I’d love to hear from you. Thanks a million for watching my video and like it if you like it 😉

Question for you: What are the most special relationships that you love and cherish?






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