Why You Should Fall Down to Reach Your Goals

Most of my recent business lessons are inspired by my own children. They teach me so much about life, way of being and thinking. I find so much simplicity in how they act and behave. They don’t complicate life. They actually make it simple and find good solutions to what we call ‘problems’.

In today’s video, I talk to you about the importance of falling down to grow and be the person you want. Living a life with no risks is not worth living. Staying in your comfort zone can be good for some. But if you have big dreams, it’s not the place for you to be at. I know for sure, my 11 months-old doesn’t want to be carried all his life. He wants to start walking and be independent. Every day, he accepts the fall down and failures to learn to stand on his own and start walking.
This kid was you and me too. Somehow along the day, we changed…
These videos and blog posts are almost a dairy of mine. I remind myself of some of the basic lessons of life and I like sharing them with you.
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Keep falling and keep learning!






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