Casablanca – History, Business & Fun

This video is different from what I usually post. Here, I take you to my birth city Casablanca. 

Casablanca is the largest and busiest city in Morocco combining tradition and modernity. I’ll explore with you some touristic sites such as the Ancient Medina & Haubous and will also show you another side of the city where business and social enterprising is flourishing. Sorry, entrepreneurship is coming up on my travel videos because that’s what I enjoy the most. 

There are other places to visit in Casablanca but they’re not on the video. Obviously, my video is not a tour guide but snapshots of where I have recently been. 
I have lived in Casablanca for many years. I have also left it many times. Too loud. Too stressful. Very polluted. With all that said, it’s the city where my parents, children and I are from. I choose to see the best in it 🙂

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