Goodbye 2017! You stretched me in every possible way…

What a year!! Challenging, to say the least, both personally and professionally.

I certainly was exposed to problems I never have dealt before. Often times, I felt clueless and disoriented. Usually, when we face tough situations, we ask people around us for some guidance. But in my case, my problems were also new to people around me which made it even harder to figure out. Personal research (Thanks Google and YouTube) was my best bet. It often felt tedious and dreary and most of the time not enough. I realized that a change of environment is important. For one’s growth and sanity, you have to be with people higher than you or at least at the same level as you in life. Learning from others is so invaluable and it can be a huge lifesaver. Upgrading your network will make life so much easier on you and also fun.

I am usually good at goal-setting and completing tasks. But this year, I felt like I didn’t push myself to create bigger and more challenging goals. I played it safe and I felt it. I didn’t even do my yearly routine appropriately. Around the end of year of2016, I was dealing with some health issues and sleep deprivation. My mental and physical health were not at their best. So, I started the year slow. No big goals or resolutions. Just some wishes that didn’t put into paper. This clearly confirmed the theory of when you think small, you play small too. No magic takes place when you stay in the comfort zone.

This year, I also realized that some of the strategies I use daily to keep focused, productive, and motivated were not enough for my growth. I felt I needed something else to keep me going and to help me achieve bigger goals. Hitting a plateau was to me a waste of time and I needed to figure things out pretty quickly. I still do not have the full answer but it’s in the process. Unsurprisingly, to perform at a higher level, some new skills and habits have to be put in place and they definitely do not come naturally. I see it exactly as an athlete. An athlete is not born with all the qualities and skills he needs to succeed and win at every competition. He continuously needs new challenges, skills, training, habits, coaching, and techniques. And this is all very unnatural. So, to tap into new greater things, enough with the inner strengths and gifts speeches…

Around, the third quarter of the year, I had a considerable issue with an important client. I always take every project with any client very seriously, whether it be a small or big one. This time, it was a big project and something went wrong. I cannot blame them for their dissatisfaction of my work because I take some responsibility over it. The project happened at a time where I was going through a big move and had to not only deal with the boxes and the packing but only with the emotional stuff going with it. Perhaps I relied too much on my team which resulted in an unhappy client. I learned to keep focused, acknowledge my part of responsibility in the mess and be prepared to lose the client. I was mentally prepared to lose the client because somehow, I knew I deserved it. Till today, I am still unsure whether this client is coming back or not.

This year also challenged me to be strong for others. While I can mentally talk to myself to keep on going, other human beings relying on me, especially little ones, needed a huge emotional support and reassurance. I consciously deployed myself into nurturing, loving, reassuring, helping one and the other adjusting through the phases we were going through. I knew every word, every action would have a consequence and I needed to say and do just the right things. I learned that being present and doing your duties are not enough. People need to hear you say things they want to hear. You have to say those things to make your life and their lives better.

This year taught me a number of lessons. I cannot say that it is getting easier because every new step in life unfolds new challenges and difficulties. Pain is always around the corner. I almost never feel I have everything figured out. And with this fast-paced world, you always need to see things with fresh eyes. You can never take anything for granted or believe you have THE answer for everything. Questioning and learning are essential for growth.

But I guess that is my choice. I could perhaps just take life easily and ‘be cool’. But there is a burning desire in me to see more of what’s out there and what I am capable of.

Happy New Year 2018!!






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