How NOT to Feel Lonely as an Entrepreneur

With the prominence of social media, we may think that people nowadays have busy social lives. The reality is quite the opposite. Most solo entrepreneurs spend most of their days behind the computer screen typing and browsing the web. All communication happens virtually and even phone calls are becoming something of the past. It can be difficult when you feel lonely as an entrepreneur.


I know this problem too well. Being an entrepreneur myself, working from different locations and traveling across countries, I am most of the day working alone and virtually with teams and clients miles away from me. I have found that it can be unhealthy to continue working in my little bubble and the real need and desire to change that emerged only beginning of this year.

While it may be comfortable to stay in my little zone, this doesn’t come with any risks. Risks of being socially isolated, not able to communicate face to face with other human beings and risks of losing communication skills.

In this video, I explain how not to feel lonely as a solo entrepreneur, freelancer or self-employed. The saying ‘It’s lonely at the top’ can be very true but there is something to do about it because we have to remember that real interactions with people are what can bring and build meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

Watch to find out what this ONE tip is.

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