How to Impact the World & Leave a Legacy

Sabirul Islam has been an entrepreneur for more than a decade. In this interview, he shares his journey as an entrepreneur and how he was driven by the question ‘how will I be remembered?’ that led him to achieve amazing and great things.

I have met Sabirul in 2006 or 2007 when he was giving a talk at a networking group I used to work at the time when I used to be a graduate student. He was 17 and speaking in front of a crowd of mostly men with black suits in the heart of London. And his name was Islam. This is not a scenario that happens every day.

Since then, I enjoyed following his growth and journey as a young entrepreneur sharing his passion, drive, and ambitions with other youth from all walks of life.

Check out the video for inspiration and a lot of practical tips for anyone seeking success in life:






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