Paris Vlog: Meetup, Making Friends & Hustling


Networking and meeting new people is good but not enough. I talk in the video about what should be done to make the most out of the relationships that matter the most to you.

What happens after you have set goals and achieved them? In this video, I talk to Hustlers’ Group members Ranjit Patel and Noaman Hajji on what comes after reaching goals and what to do about it.

And finally, should little ones have a perfect and flawless path or should we encourage them to get comfortable with failures? In this video, I give my opinion on why being always the best at a very young age may not do any favors to the kids when they grow up…

Click here to watch the video and follow the discussions while enjoying the beautiful Parisian scenery.

As always, feel free to message me or comment here. Let me know how are you liking my recent videos and please bare with me as I am currently learning to edit videos on Abobe Premiere. So things aren’t looking exactly how I want them to but getting them…

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