Productive Activities

10 Productive Activities To Do in Your Free Time

Productive Activities
Want to stop wasting hours browsing social media and using them instead into something fun and productive? In this video, I give you 10 ideas of productive things you can during your freetime. 
1.      Learn a new skill (language, music, graphic design, photography, art etc): Learning a new skill tops the list of productive freetime activities. Keep your brain up to speed by exposing it to new challenges and new learning. You could learn something totally fun like a new language, music, graphic design, photography or something that you always said you wished you could do but didn’t have time for
2.      Work out: Needless to explain why working out is such a productive activity. Not only you oxygenate your body but also your mind. Actually, Richard Branson says that working out is his best investment of the day.
3.       Read: Reading books and well-written articles will help you improve your grammar and spelling but also offer you invaluable information.
4.       Reconnect with people: Once in a while you could block some time to make phone calls and reconnect with old classmates, colleagues, friends and just check on them. This will help revive relationships and trigger new beginnings.
5.       Tidy up and declutter: I don’t know about you but for me, I just can’t function well in a mess. So tidying up is always on top of my list to later be able to work and be productive.
6.       Document your thoughts: Whether that’s journaling, blogging or recording yourself, it’s wonderful to be able to document your current challenges, happy moments, and life in general. You’ll be so happy when you’ll find it many years later…
7.       Play games: Playing games can be very good to stimulate your brain and get you more challenged while being productive in your freetime. I love playing the hangman and scrabble. And I know there is a zillion game out there that are good for you.
8.       Pamper yourself: Going to a spa, massage, mani/pedi, hammam…take time to cherish and take care of yourself. You will thank yourself later.
9.       Spend time in nature: Nature is amazing for inspiration and decluttering the mind. You will feel refreshed and have more clarity in your ideas afterward.
10.   Do nothing: You don’t always have to be doing something. Once in a while schedule time for resting…just doing nothing…just hanging out with yourself and getting to know yourself better.
QUESTION: What productive things do you do in your freetime on a weekly basis?






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