So many of us consume books, audiobooks, videos, and podcasts and do not remember much of the content that was offered. So, we end up consuming dozens of pieces of information a day without retaining any value out of them.

In this post/video, I will give you tips that will help you learn better and remember what you consume:

    1. Know why you want to read the book: to learn about starting a business, boosting your career or for relaxation and entertainment. Be clear of the expected outcome.
    1. Check the credentials: Before you consume any piece of information, make sure the source or the author is credible. This will help you filter junk information that may be unnecessary or unuseful.
    1. Schedule learning in your calendar: Dedicate 15 to 30min a day learning what you need to learn. Make it a habit to learn and schedule it into your calendar
    1. Take notes: When you listen to a book or read an article, make sure to take notes. Writing down your ideas not only helps you remember the thoughts you’re having but also memorize what you are consuming. You can also review your notes at any time and repetition helps make the information stick.
    1. Summarize it: Sum up your learnings in one paragraph or voice record yourself explaining your biggest takeaways. This is very important because we never take the time to check what we got out of a video, article, podcast, etc.
    1. Teach it to others: Share the information you’ve learned and explain it to other people. Teaching is one of the best ways to consolidate your knowledge and reinforce your learnings. Talk to your friends about what you learned or just write a FB or IG post about it.
  1. Apply the learnings: If these are practical tips, implement them for at least a week and see for yourself. With that said, I definitely do not recommend you to read things that you may need in the far future. Always focus on reading material that will help you now or in the near future.

Learning is not about the quantity but about the quality. You need to start taking learning as a business activity and think about the ROI. Every time you consume some sort of information, it should have a return on investment for you: whether spiritually, mentally, physically or in business.


QUESTION: What other tips do you have to better remember the content you consume? Share below and in the video’s comments box.

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