How Long Does it Take to Be Successful?


So we see people in social media signing books, giving TEDx talks and traveling the world and you’re wondering:

“Why not me?”
“How long is this supposed to take?”
“When is my turn?”
“What do THEY have that I don’t? I’m just as special!”

I know you’ve been trying something for a few months (or even a few years) you’re not getting the money, recognition, fame or freedom that you want. And that can be frustrating.

Stop comparing yourself to the CURRENT success of other people who are your age — the Zuckerbergs and all the celebrity college dropouts.

If you want to be a success and feel you haven’t gotten there yet, here are 3 main problems:

1. Laziness: it takes a lot of hard work, great discipline and thinking smart to achieve anything big in life
2. Lack of desire: only people who want it bad enough make it happen.
3. Lack of clarity: not knowing where you want to go etc. That is detrimental to your success

So, here is what you can do about it:


1. Decide: set a strategy and decide that you will make it happen
2. Take action: Beautiful plans are worthless without action
3. Be patient: success doesn’t happen overnight.
4. When you start thinking of quitting, do not: this is where most people just drop the ball because things are getting difficult or they get overwhelming. If you quit, you will lose everything. You will most likely go back to your comfort zone where nothing great happens. So make sure to continue doing what you’re doing and get advice from more experienced people.

‘Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20’

Also, one thing to remember is that the definition of success varies to each one of us. Some people want money and fame. Others want great relationships and being close to God. Success should be in your own terms. If you want to know more about it, check out the video I will link up here.

Put in the work and believe in yourself. And remember that the most important thing right now for you is progress. Each day make it a habit to achieve one thing that will get you closer to your goals.




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