So, you need a job for work experience, to practice your leadership skills or just to make a living? A job is also a great stepping stone to becoming self-employed and an entrepreneur.

Here, I am sharing with you tips that will help you land your dream job.

  1. Research: Before you start sending you your CV/resume and letter of motivation, make sure you do some research to identify the companies you’d like to work for. This isn’t about getting a job, this is about getting THE job that you’ll love and where you’ll be able to grow, learn and lead. So, make sure you do the necessary research. Also, make sure to use a template to help you keep track of the businesses you’ve checked out and contacted.
  2. Identify your value: In other words, what you will bring to the table. It’s obvious that you want a job but what is it that you’re offering in return? The fact that you have a Masters doesn’t cut it. Have a clear Unique Selling Proposition that will make you stand out from the crowd.
  3. Write an outstanding letter of motivation and resume: Yes, an outstanding application. If you send out a mediocre one, you will get mediocre results. Make sure you highlight your experience, knowledge and show your passion for what you do. Remember that your application is your only marketing material at this point. Make sure it is flawless, customized, free from typos and design issues. It needs to have that WOW factor!
  4. Get in touch with the big boss: Always send your application to the top leaders. Do not waste your time with the HR department which may already have tons of applications. Shoot top management and leaders. ATTENTION: This tip will only work if you have that WOW application. 
  5. Send your application and wait for the response: OK once you send out your customized CV and letter of motivation, wait. Do NOT stalk. Do NOT spam. Wait for a response back.
  6. Prepare for the phone and face-to-face interview: In the meantime, prepare for the interview. Make sure you know how to introduce yourself, can show your motivation in person and have the confidence, skills, and enthusiasm you need for the job you applied for. 
  7. Repeat the process again (and adapt): Keep applying for more positions and send out spontaneous applications to companies until you have a satisfactory number of interview or a job offer. 

Remember, searching for a job is a job itself, so dedicate enough time every day to research and outreach.

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Wishing you a wonderful job search and share with us what is your best job search tip that has worked for you.

Speak soon.


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