What you do on a daily basis is what determines your results. If you want to be a success and thrive, there is a set of habits to have that will enable you to be on the right path. If you don’t want much change in your life, just keep on doing what you already are. 

My daily and weekly habits keep me stay focused and help me have more or less some predictability which is somehow easier to manage. I remind myself of doing them using Google Calendar and other apps and after a while, they become second nature.

My top habits to supercharge my productivity and life are:

  1. Planning. I like to plan my month, weeks and days in advance. I don’t plan each task and every hour but I have an overall theme for the quarter and month. And then I break down my goals into subgoals for my weekly and daily targets. In sum, it is about thinking strategically and not overwhelming oneself with 10-pages of goals.
  2. Prioritizing and focusing. I don’t try to do everything. I focus on the priorities…Sometimes some areas of my life suffer because they are not a priority at that given time and my attention is fully given to my priorities. Once I prioritize, I make sure I am focused on the goal and staying away from distractions.
  3. Dividing my time between work, family, and hobbies. It is really important for me to achieve that work-life balance everyone’s talking about. There have been times where I would be working almost 24/7 but these happen only during business launches or special work occasions. Generally, I like to have a variety of activities that help my creativity and spirit to stay high.
  4. Keeping my phone and computer use to the minimum. Yes, I love technology but only to a certain extent. Social media and Internet browsing can be huge time wasters. So I do my best to consume information more consciously and only when the priorities have been taken care of.
  5. Evaluating my results and actions and track my progress. What is the point of making efforts if you cannot evaluate yourself? Each week, I have a CEO Date with myself where I assess my efforts, track numbers and set the tone for the coming week. It is super important to constantly check in with yourself to make sure you are on track.
  6. Having a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy and nutritious food is very important to me. I do not stand fast-food or ready-made dishes…I do consume them from time to time but on a daily basis, I privilege fresh vegetables and fruits. I also recently started running which is still not a habit yet but I can already see the benefits of it. Fueling your body and mind with the right nutrients is important to stay energized and keep your vibes to the optimum. 
  7. Bonus tips on my video

I give more explanation on my video that you can watch here.

QUESTION: What are the habits that supercharge your life?

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