In your quest for success and achievement, you may find it hard to keep positive and be happy. Human nature seems to only focus on the negative and not consider the great things going on in life. But this video/post isn’t really about positivity. I am talking here about the key to happiness and how to be happy daily no matter the challenges and obstacles you face.

First of all, happiness has a different meaning to each one of us: a prisoner’s definition of happiness may be getting out of prison, someone struggling with infertility issues may define happiness as having children and so on. The quest for happiness seems to be constant. But can we be happy now?

As far as I am concerned, I consider myself a happy person. I have been blessed with things I  did nothing about. For example, I was born and brought up in a peaceful country. I had/have a loving family, I had a good childhood, I received education… There are so many events and things that contribute to my overall happiness and that I am so grateful for. With that said, I also had to make a number of decisions in my life early on, for example, the career I have chosen, my spouse, the country I currently live in, the type of business I run, etc.

Sometimes you make decisions and you are uncertain about the outcome. It could work. It could NOT work in which case, it can cause a huge deception, tears, and sadness. But how do people who ‘fail’ or have tough experiences manage to continue being happy no matter what?

My sense is that they act from the heart.  Acting from the heart makes them not have any regrets. They do things because it feels right to them at that point in time. Whether they work out or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that they stay true to themselves. So, happiness is that state of always being authentic, honest with yourself and acting from the heart.

When you know what happiness is to you, you stop pursuing the wrong things and you focus on what matters the most to you. Happiness is not a selfish thing…happiness is contagious.

Be happy with who you are. Be happy with what you already have. Be happy for the life you have that allows you to experience new things. Bad days can come but you will win them over if you act rightly.

Just be happy!




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