To Do During Coronavirus Lockdown

So you’ve been complaining for years about not having the time and being stressful. Your head and body are always moving from one direction to another. Now with the current crisis situation, you may be able to work remotely (if your job allows it) or to continue to do so (if you are used to doing it). With that said, even if you work from home, you will find yourself having a lot of free time on your hands. There is nowhere you can go to and plenty of time to make use of. Here is a list of ideas of what to do during the Coronavirus lockdown.


  1. Deliver the work you were hired for: This applies to employees as well as entrepreneurs. Obviously, if you can work from home then you can still deliver your work, especially for service-based businesses.
  2. Re-think your branding: Is your website up-to-date? Are you happy with your logo and graphic design? How about your Linkedin profile? Review your descriptions, bios, etc.
  3. Prepare a plan: None knows how long we will be confined for. You need to start thinking about your plan B to account for things not going back to normal in the coming weeks. How will you make sure you continue making money? Can you create new offers? Etc
  4. Connect with your current clients and audience: Make use of this downtime to get connected to your clients and online audience, be closer to them, listen to their needs and be there for them.
  5. Look for new opportunities: They may or may not be within your industry. Be open-minded and foreseeing. 


  1. House deep clean:  This may be one of the first things to do during the Coronavirus lockdown. Your kitchen cupboards and closets need a good Spring clean. This is the perfect time to do so.
  2. Declutter: Go through your old stuff and rearrange. Clean, tidy-up and donate where necessary. Your computer, new and old phones may also need a good digital tidying-up.
  3. House projects: Maybe you can finally fix that shelf or that broken cupboard door. If you are not talented enough to do it yourself, you may want to rearrange your house, switch things around and see how you feel about them. Change can be good.
  4. Give love to those plants: You may neglect them as I always do. So this is the time to show them some love with regular care.
  5. Cook new recipes: If you’re one that eats out a lot, well this is going to be a great change for you. Eating at home doesn’t have to be boring. Try new recipes and start discovering new talents of yours.


  1. Move your body: Exercise daily if you can. There are millions of videos online. Try new workouts you can do from home. I love Tabata workout and Boho Beautiful’s yoga videos. You don’t need much space to have a good sweat.
  2. Meditate: You now have time to learn to meditate. It can be off-putting at first because it requires discipline and commitment before you can start seeing the results. Take your time to learn this very beneficial habit.
  3. Connect with your inner self: Away from all distractions, social outings and work obligations, who are you? Connect with yourself in a way you never have before. I recommend the book A New Earth by Eckart Tolle for more on this.
  4. Pamper yourself: Finally, you can take longer showers and treat yourself to a home foot massage. Give thanks to those feet carrying your body and taking you places. Ladies will have much to do from home facials to manicures and spas. So many possibilities.
  5. Relax & Rest: Enjoy the quiet. No need to fill the silence with music or videos, just be. You may also want to sleep longer hours and nap. Time to get recharged.


  1. Learn a new language: Do it from the comfort of your home. I love Duolinguo. It’s efficient for me to make progress every day. 
  2. Learn a new skill: Whether that is graphic design, trading or video-making, this is the time to get disciplined to learn something new and master it.
  3. Read: You’ve been buying books and piling them up. Now you can make it a habit to read every single day.
  4. Practice: Time to practice skills you’ve learned months or years ago. If you’ve taken sushi classes before, time to make sushi. If you’ve taken Web Design courses before, time to create a website.
  5. Game: You can also learn through gaming and playing board games. Great opportunity to dust them off.


  1. Organize a theme night: You may be stuck with your siblings or kids for the rest of the lockdown but it doesn’t have to be a chore, make it fun. Organize a themed night: disco, pirates, movie night… Make food, play music and have an overall feel of your theme. Be creative!
  2. Watch movies & shows: Time to catch up on your favorite shows and movies. But it’s also an opportunity to watch programs you don’t usually do. How about documentaries, biographies and classic movies?
  3. Play games: Online or offline. Whether you are alone or not, sometimes you only need just simple things like a pen and paper. Who remembers the Jeu du Baccalaureat (Scattegories)? There are so many possibilities and the options are endless.
  4. Start singing: I just ordered a karaoke microphone and I think we will make a lot of use of it during this phase. Singing is good for the mood and is a lot of fun. 
  5. Practice your hobbies: Playing music, taking photos, cooking, gardening, drawing, painting, writing etc. If you don’t know or remember what your hobbies are, what did you use to enjoy when you were a child? Re-ignite those passions of yours.
  6. Know your strengths and weakness. O Must be coordinated – a massive portion of writing essays to the money is organization is a must. If You’re a Kind of individual who needs help writing your essays for money with professional paper typer service, attempt the following guidelines:O Don’t be worried if it’s difficult – there isn’t any such thing as a simple means to be successful in any small business. Always remember that some things are hopeless to be achieved without any sort of assistance.


  1. Video call, text, email your loved ones: Your friends and family are alone. You may not be with one another physically during these difficult times but you can still be there for them by chatting with them.
  2. Call old friends: Time to re-connect and cherish those old friends of yours that have made your childhood and youth years more agreeable. 
  3. Connect with your neighbors: Depending on where you are, you may be able to visit neighbors in your building and have a bit of social life together. Cornovirus lockdown shouldn’t prevent you from having social contact, given you all respect the distancing.
  4. Organize a party online: Invite friends and family to an online party. Make your food at home, dress up and get all connected online at the same time. 
  5. Play games, cook together etc: You can bond even further and do activities remotely such as playing games and cooking, with your loves ones. You don’t have to cut off all relationships. Maintain them and be creative of how you do activities together online. 

These may be difficult times to go through but we have to be grateful, grateful for being alive and healthy, grateful for having food in our fridges, grateful for having this quiet time to connect with ourselves and rest.

Also, many of us take it for granted but the fact that we have an internet connection and computers/phones to stay in touch with our loved ones and the world is a huge thing. It will definitely help us with our mental health.

Finally, I urge you to pay attention to your consumption of the news. You may have to stay informed about the COVID-19 but just do not overwhelm yourself with information that may not advance your life right now. Focus your energy on great things that will make you feel good and whole. Anxiety and worrying never helped anyone.

Let me know what other ideas you have to add to the list above  of things to do during the quarantine and stay in touch.

Have a wonderful, productive and restful time!

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