17 Business ideas To Start During Coronavirus Crisis


Whether you’ve lost your job due to the Coronavirus crisis or you want to develop or even pivot your business, here are 17 business ideas you can launch during these unprecedented times:

  1. Service to the elderly and disabled: Cleaning, delivery of groceries and drugs, handyman services, conversational services are always great business ideas.
  2. Online live classes: music, painting, sports etc: I have a friend currently looking for a guitar teacher online. I am looking for a painter teacher. This is different from online courses because you have the teacher live. More people need one on one contact with their tutor and not just a video to view.
  3. Beauty and wellness at home: Although people are staying home, they still need to look good and groomed. Home beauty appliances have boomed. You could sell home spa appliances or even offer your line of beauty and hair home services. 
  4. Digital marketing: As more businesses are getting online, they need help with their digital presence. If you are qualified to advise and implement marketing strategies, this is a golden opportunity.
  5. Online conferences: large events are happening online now. You could organize a concert, a conference, a chess tournament. Create events that people are willing to attend and pay for or get sponsors to sponsor them.
  6. Building a community: Bring people around an idea and create a movement. You could create a FB group or start a YouTube. Bring like-minded people together. This may be a long-term project but it’s worth it as you may eventually be able to monetize it. Start off by looking for existing communities that have been impacted by the crisis because they relied too much on in-person activities. 
  7. Home-made meals: People need to eat but they are tired of cooking. And takeaways are not always healthy. Home-made meals delivered to your door could be an exciting solution for many households.
  8. Kids entertainment: Kids are at home. They need to be entertained. Think of ways you can get them busy while their parents are working remotely. Can you offer a book reading service to occupy a child for x number of hours? Maybe you’ll help with his homework, then play chess and finally give him a painting tutorial?
  9. Social life for students: Students are craving social life. They can’t go out to pubs and nightclubs. Could you re-create a night-club ambience online?
  10. Networking: Everyone understands now the power of networking. Not only are we social animals, but we came to realize that we need people to grow our businesses and careers. How can you facilitate people meeting and exploring opportunities together?
  11. Artists’ management consultancy: Artists are home, not giving any live performance. Now they need an online presence. Maybe you could help them build their online brand and set up an e-store. Look no further. Your target is right there: cancelled concerts and other performances. 
  12. Consultancy Business: Helping brick and mortar businesses convert to online services
  13. Education: Education from kindergarten to university is changing. What tools, software and strategies can you put in place for teachers to deliver their courses and students to learn better?
  14. Online payment: Not all businesses have an online payment method established. For my children’s school, we had to mail out a check for the payment. Businesses like these need an electronic solution to take payments.
  15. Sustainable fashion + tailored: People are buying less glamour and purchasing more long-lasting items. I sense that fast fashion will die soon. I mean I hope so. People are looking for sustainable material and also customized outfits. If you love fashion, this may be for you.
  16. Repairs services: As people have less disposable income and more people become environment-conscious, it’s a good idea to give a second life to broken house appliances. Maybe you could offer a repair service for items such as phone, TV, toys, sewing machine… You could dispatch your team of handymen where needed. The idea is to convince the consumer to save money and not pollute the planet.
  17. Stock market: When people stop buying stocks, that’s when you should buy them. Invest in stocks, get educated and this could be the only business you need right now.

Hope you find these business ideas helpful. Let me know which one resonates the most with you.


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