This is how I ditched a busy and hectic lifestyle, let go of my goals and became more productive and happier.

productive and happier

For many years I have been focused on setting goals and doing everything that was possible to actually achieve them. Whether they were business or personal goals, I always made sure I had myself occupied pursuing projects and plans because after all, I thought I was an ambitious gal and that’s what ambitious people do.

At the end of 2019 and like every year I created my 2020 goals list only this time I noticed a huge shift in the objectives I set myself. I followed the instructions of a friend who suggested I choose the feelings I wanted to have throughout the year rather than focus on the actual goals. The exercise calls for thinking first of how you want to feel and from that, you draw the goals that will bring you those feelings. For example: I urge you to do the exercise for yourself and I will link up the video we demonstrate the exercise. So I did that and to my surprise, the feelings I was after were more to do with having fun and feeling good, something I have disconnected with since I was so focused on work and no fun for many years. 

For the two first months of the year, nothing really changed much. I was still having a hectic lifestyle with a million things on my to-do list. When the Coronavirus health crisis hit and the lockdown started, I was still having a busy schedule with my business, online classes, teaching and grading papers etc. When the semester was over, I decided not to have any commitments or any obligations outside of the obvious: my family and must-dos for my business (nothing more).

While giving myself the chance to just take it slow and really focus on just feeling good – something that was foreign to me because I am a big believer in being active, productive and not wasting time, I realized I:

  1. Naturally developed a daily morning routine: every day I’d do my reading (I chose a spiritual scripture, to begin with which I am still reading to date), do a payer and meditation and work on my Italian language skills. It’s been almost 4 months now and I have not broken the streak. This daily routine gives me the ability to stay focused and balanced throughout the day. 
  2. I became more consistent with my workout: I can work out daily and not feel bored. I always dreaded working out now I am finding it very enjoyable and challenging. My body is also craving moving when I don’t do much exercice.
  3. I literally forgot what social media is: Don’t get me wrong I love social media and talking to you guys but naturally, I stopped checking my phone and didn’t have any urge to check other people’s profiles or feeds. I was finally focused on myself and my needs. This is also great because I found myself comparing less myself to others and have those frustrations we all do.
  4. Focus on living the moment. It’s one thing to spend time with someone and it’s another spending quality time. I realized I became more present and I owe that to John Purkiss and Eckart Tolle thanks to their books The Power of Letting Go and The Power of Now. I can spend time with my kids, cook, clean, paint with more intention and less stress. I barely do anything in a rush like I used to do or multi-task. Living the moment without being stressed about what is coming or what has happened is such a gift and I am appreciating it more and more.  
  5. Have better ideas and clarity: During the past few months, I also made the decisions to stop pursuing certain actions and even more difficult ones like closing down a couple of my businesses and pivoting existing ones. I also decided to start a business in France and this is going to be a first for me. I will have to find out how a lot of things work here. If you’re interested in following my journey of business creation in France, let me know. I am thinking I could perhaps vlog the process although I am really bad at vlogging.

Overall, doing less has brought so many benefits to my life lately. Focusing on the priorities and what truly makes me feel good and happy is priceless. Life is not about doing and achieving a lot. Life is about achieving what is meaningful to you. With a lighter schedule and more flexibility, you can think with clarity, be more creative, spend time doing what matters most and above all feel and be happy.

It was a long journey to reach this point. 

Here are books that I have read that have helped me. I will share them with you in the description box below/ notes. 

I hope this will inspire you to review your schedule and prepare the last 4 months of the year with a new approach that will be in line with who you are and your core values.

Leave me a comment and hope to hear from you soon.

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