You have two hands. One to receive and the other to give.

I believe that we shouldn’t wait to be ‘successful’ to start contributing and making a positive impact in the world. In fact, as we are learning and growing, we are also in a way creating a better environment for us and for others.

Success is not about ‘what’s in it for me’. Success is about ‘what’s in it for us?’ As there are no self-made people, we need people to succeed and people need us to succeed. This is one thing if we all understood it, we would be all better off.

So, contribution and impact are two important things for me. And I go through this journey of life, I am happy to share and give back as I have and still receive so much.

I encourage each one of you to help yourself help others in any possible means: being active in charities, feeding the needy, helping the poor or just by being there when someone needs a hand or someone to cry to.

While I am working on projects where I can be able to help even more people (hopefully), I urge you to join our private community group where you will find like-minded people to share your experience, stories and ask for advice and guidance.