Hey! I am Safaa.

I was born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco. As a child, I was passionate about drawing and typing on my mom’s old typing machine. I spent hours designing a magazine for kids that nobody read but me. This led me one day to be featured on a children TV show on a national Moroccan TV channel to talk about my hobby: journalism. A few weeks later, my idea was adopted by the TV channel and we created a team of young teenagers who worked on the monthly magazine and presented it on TV each month. This was the beginning of my career in media. I was 13.

Since then, I have launched various ventures in communications and press and decided to further my knowledge in the field. I have a Bachelors in Communication from George Mason University in Virginia, USA and a Masters in International Law from City University in London, England.

I am the founder and managing director of iMediaRt, a communications agency based in Casablanca. We help our clients with their communications and marketing strategy and offer other services such as event management, public relations, copywriting/translating as well as branding.

I am also passionate about learning and sharing which lead me to teaching university-level students modules on entrepreneurship, business strategy and public-speaking. While I cannot always teach because of time constraints, I love giving trainings and workshops around creating businesses and personal growth.

I spend a good deal of time producing YouTube videos around the topics my audience and I are passionate about. I post videos (almost) every week and I love to connect and engage with the community, eager to succeed and make an impact contribute to our world.

Because I am a journalist at heart, I also continue writing and publishing. I not only write for my own blog but also contribute to other publications such as entrepreneur.com

I love to travel. Can you not tell? I have to date being to more than 20 countries and have lived in Morocco, USA, UK and now France. The more I travel, the more I realize we are all the same. We, humans beings, have so much potential that has yet to be discovered. Sometimes all we need is that one word, one person, to help us believe in ourselves and make the impossible possible. That is why contribution and service are part of my ambitions and I hope to be able to help others and you see the immense potential that you have and help you help yourselves so you can make an incredible impact in our world!

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