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The Immigration Trail

In 2006, I undertook a journey through Europe to see how the landscape is changing for immigrants and more specifically Arab Muslims post 9/11. There, I met immigrants primarily from Maghrebi origins and interviewed officials in Spain, France and the UK. I presented and produced this documentary, commissioned by the European Union and directed by Rehan Malik.

Shared Learning between the East and the West

In 2007, I explored the state of education in the Middle-East that was the heart of educational renaissance in the past. I also took a look at inequalities and illiteracy amongst men and women and how this is affecting the region. I travelled to Egypt, Lebanon and Syria to interview the protagonists and produce this documentary, commissioned by the European Union and directed by Rehan Malik.

Children of Shatila

In 2007, I took a trip to Shatila camp in Lebanon where I met Palestinian refugees. I talked to children and their parents asking them about their goals and dreams and visiting their humble homes where scarcity and unsecurity reign while love and hope are the essence of their lives. This was a life-changing experience for me.

Morocco’s students

This video dates back 1994. Yes I was a kid myself. In this story, I go meet Moroccan pupils living in rural areas. I ask them about the conditions of their schooling and their lifestyle. They have limited access to electricity and the distance to school is a long way home which they walk through anyway.

Microfinancing Businesses to Change the World with Prof Muhammad Yunus

Interview with Professor Muhammad Yunus, economist and Nobel Peace Prize recipient. Professor Yunus is known for having developed  the concepts of microcredit and microfinance.

I met Professor Yunus in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia during the Jeddah Business Forum in 2008.

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