These are a few of the publications and interviews that I have handy. For the rest, I need to find, re-organize them and then post them here. Thanks for your understanding. In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy these.


Personal Growth

Print & Web

Libre Entreprise. L’entreprenariat est un marathon et non un sprint. Interview sur comment devenir entrepreneur.

Greetings. In this English magazine, the piece entitled ‘Some Moroccan Spice’ shares my story as the creator of the first greeting cards line in Morocco.

L’Observateur. In this testimonial, I talk about the education system in Morocco and whether it offers the same professional opportunities to all of its graduates. The piece is in French.

Nisaa Men Al Maghreb. Point of view of an expert. Here, I share my thoughts about why it is important to surround oneself with positive people to have better results in life. The piece is in a Q&A format.


TV, Radio & Podcast

Why Entrepreneurship Isn’t for Everyone ? LinkedTalk: I talk about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and why entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone.

The Business Blast with Tyler Wagner: I answer the famous 5 questions Tyler asks his guests: best story of my life with underlining value, what I would tell my youngest self, favorite book etc.

#2545 on Atlantic Radio: Interview on my journey as an entrepreneur and going back to my teen years, talking about what sparked all what have come afterwards. The interview is in French.

Moukawiloune Moutafawikoune on MFM: In this interview, I talk about the entrepreneurship landscape in Morocco and share my experience as a business owner in this region. The interview is in Arabic.

Portrait d’avenir on Aswat: In this radio show episode, I talk about how my passion for communications and writings helped shared my career and projects in life. I also talk about my beginnings and my passions and travels. The interview is in French.

100% Chabab: This is another interview where I talk about my beginnings and how that typing machine gift from mom helped spark everything else that happened in my professional life afterwards. The interview is in Arabic

Generation News on Medi 1 TV: The theme of the show was about self-education and if the youth is better off going through self-learning or undertaking the traditional route of schooling and university. I amongst other guests discuss and share opinions on the topic. The interview is in Arabic.

Student Research Paper

Change-Agent in Morocco: Safaa Nhairy  A student from the University of Nebraska explores in her paper the world of entrepreneurship in Morocco and interviews me for more insights.